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Happy Spring!

We are checking emails weekly during the off-season, but common questions and answers are below until we get back to you:

Are you taking orders for the 2023 season?

  • Yes, pre-orders for the 2023 season are filling our dig schedule quickly. Orders placed now will ship June 3rd, – June 17th, 2023. Pick up orders may be processed and dug earlier with email communication and confirmation.
  • We are offering a 15% discount on all pick up orders!
  • Orders are available for pick up all season at Dover The Moon General Store in East Dover, VT with pickup dates confirmed via email. 
  • We will only ship orders until June 23rd, 2023 this season (exceptions considered on a case-by-case basis).

Are my plants coming?

  • If you have an unfulfilled order with us, please double-check your email (spam also) for details! Your plants may be on backorder or rescheduled for Spring delivery for other reasons we have reached out about. 
  • If you have backordered plants and would like to receive a different variety this year for any reason – please email us and we will update for dig time!
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