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Hostas for sale at our Hosta Farm

Gift Certificates are available for your favorite gardener this holiday season! Pre-orders for Spring 2019 will ship approximately late April. Pre-ordering is recommended as many varieties sell out quickly. All orders placed after October 19th will be held for shipping until next Spring season (approximately late April). Ordering early is recommended as our hostas sell out quickly.
Thanks for a great 2019 season!

Green Mountain Hosta Nursery

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We are a growing hosta farm nestled in the Green Mountains. At our nursery we sell a large variety of hosta plants including blue, green, gold, and variegated of multiple forms and color. We grow over 500 varieties and currently have over 400 available for your garden. We grow many new and unusual varieties, as well as tried and true older ones of merit. Since we are a large hosta nursery, we propagate on a large scale and can offer hostas for sale at some of the most competitive prices on the market - RETAIL FROM $4.00 for older varieties to a MAXIMUM of $16 for the latest introductions. We sell field-grown plants, which are larger, hardier plants that are already adapted to garden soil.

We are happy to now offer European ginger, the perfect companion plant. It is an excellent ground cover with lush, glossy, dark green foliage. While it will grow in all shaded areas, it excels in very deep shade where even many hosta varieties are difficult to grow.

Hostas are the #1 selling perennial, according to the Perennial Plant Association

Hostas look elegant on their own or mixed into a perennial or shrub border, as background plants, specimens, ground covers or edging plants. Shrubs, tall perennials, and architectural obstacles that can be challenging are softened with the use of our plants. Use all types of varieties to outline a pathway or encircle a tree trunk. Browse through our selection to find the variety of plants to meet your landscape needs.

You can place your order at any time during the year and we'll be sure to reserve your plants for you!

With 15 years of experience in the hosta plants business, Green Mountain Hosta nursery is a hosta farm that boasts of an envious array of hostas for sale and is the best place from where you can buy your hostas. With each passing year, our inventory of hosta plants is only getting larger and more diverse.

Buy hostas from our hosta farm for your own garden or send them as gifts to family and friends. Spread your love for hostas

Popular varieties of hostas available at our hosta nursery include silver threads and golden needles hosta, gentle giant hosta, komodo dragon hosta, blue angel hosta, fragrant blue hosta, Abba Dabba Do Hosta, fire island hosta, blue mouse ears hosta, gray cole hosta, and many many more. We also offer Hostas for sun or the sun-tolerant hostas., gray cole hosta, and many many more. With these many hosta varieties at your disposal, you are all set for an excellent hosta landscaping.

All hostas for sale are field-grown, adapted to garden soil, easy to grow, slug resistant, and require low maintenance.

In addition, to help you out with your hosta gardening, we pair every order of yours with a free planting and growing guide. Dive in and explore our hostas.

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Our Guarantee

Green Mountain Hosta

Green Mountain Hosta guarantees that all of our varieties are free of virus and harmful nematodes (we test extensively). Your plants will arrive in the same healthy condition as when they were shipped. We also guarantee that all plants are true to name. Your satisfaction is important. Please notify our hosta farm immediately if there is any problem.