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Hosta Plants

  • At Green Mountain Hosta we grow only hosta plant varieties. All our plants are field grown which will result in the faster establishment of a mature plant. This perennial plant is quite hardy.
  • We sell large divisions at reasonable prices depending on the size of the variety. This means a minimum of one to two eyes (see FAQ) for larger varieties and two eyes to three eyes for smaller ones.
  • Our field grown hostas are shipped bare root starting from early April to early May. Let us know if you have a preferred shipping date and we will ship as close as possible to it.
  • Our plants are shipped bare root. Bare root means there is no soil on the roots when shipped. These bare root plants are large and mature. Each plant is protectively wrapped for shipment. All of our hostas are field grown. This results in a much bigger plant than a container plant or tissue culture. If plants are shipped when dormant (spring), the eyes will not yet be leafed out. Plant it and it will grow! If shipped during growing season, the plant will have leaves. Either way, the hosta will flourish in its new home!
  • We are located in a cooler mountain climate so our plants break dormancy late and are in spring condition well into June.
  • We ship spring, summer and fall until approximately October 7.
  • We send a planting and growing guide with each shipment.
  • Please shop and order early as we sell out of some varieties.
  • We sell only retail online.
  • This also means that there is often no one in the office, so please leave a message, e-mail or fax so we can respond.
  • We do not sell our customer list to anyone.

If a specific hosta picture is not shown, click on here to the Hosta Library. They have everything. The varieties are endless.

Have any questions? Click on the FAQ page to learn more.

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