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Varieties -

There are hundreds of kinds of hostas from light green to dark green, varying shades of blue, silver, gold, variegated, and even white. They also come in different sizes and leaf shapes from miniature to very large! Common varieties are tyically larger than rarer ones. Hosta is a shade loving plant but varieties differ in what they prefer. We have a wide variety to choose from at Green Mountain Hosta Nursery.

Planting -

The planting hole should be large enough to take all of the hosta roots and spread them out. Pack the soil and moisten well. Don't worry, hostas are quite hardy.

Soil -

Hostas are very tolerant of a wide range of soils. Ideally, the best soil is a rich, friable loam with pH of 6.

Dividing -

Once the hosta is well-established, it can be divided into two or more plants depending on the size. Large plants can be sliced and divided with a sharp spade. As long as there's an eye when you divide, it will grow. Smaller plants can be divided with a sharp knife.

Growing Conditions -

While most hostas are shade loving plants, many are sun tolerant. The light condition may influence the leaf color. Dappled shade works well for most.

Climate -

Hostas need a dormancy period of somewhat colder weather. Hostas will not survive in tropical or subtropical climates.