8 intelligent ways to safeguard your hostas from deer

8 intelligent ways to safeguard your hostas from deer

8 intelligent ways to safeguard your hostas from deer

Deer can arguably be considered one of the beautiful, gentle animals in the world. But when it comes to choosing between them and your hosta, the hosta must win every time.

Unfortunately, deer often like hosta as much as you do, so finding ways to keep them away from your garden is very important. Although there are no surefire ways to do this, we have provided 8 tried and tested methods that do work quite well! How Can You Keep Your Hostas From Being a Deer’s Next Meal?

  1. Invest in a fence. Although this can burn a tiny hole in your pocket, it is the simplest and most convenient way to keep deer off of your property and out of your garden, keeping your hostas safe.

You can choose the area you want to be restricted; and depending on the fence you install, this can be quite a long-term solution. Most deer will be daunted by any fence, but of course the higher and more impenetrable the fence, the better the deterrent.

  1. Try a different type of fence. If your budget or your preference for style and aesthetics does not include a physical fence in your yard, go wireless! It works similar to an electric fence, but without wires, and does not detract from the beauty of your hostas.

The wireless deer fence is simply a small, thin post that emits a sweet smell that attracts the deer to it. You place the posts throughout your yard or around your garden. Once the deer attempts to lick the post, it transmits a shock to the deer. This trains the deer to associate the shock with the smell and teaches it to avoid the area completely.  

The fences work to repel the deer but are safe and non-toxic. They are environmentally friendly, and the fence protects more than just your hostas from deer damage, making them a great economic solution.

  1. Use Noise or Light Sensors. Similar to the wireless fence, noises and lights will frighten most deer, who are skittish by nature. They will then associate your hostas with unwanted noise and lights, and avoid that area in the future.
  2. Use repellants. Deer repellants such as Liquid Fence have been found to consistently work to keep unwanted deer out of problem areas. Liquid Fence is a repellent that you spray directly on your hostas. While this is not harmful to the plant itself (unless you spray it directly in the sunlight, in which case it can burn the plant), the scent of it will deter the deer from coming too close.

Other repellents work in similar ways, such as Plantskydd and Deer Off, but you want to be sure to research whichever option you choose to make sure it is best for your situation. Some repellents can be harmful to children, the environment, or other animals, so be careful!

  1. Go all-natural! Certain seasonings and essential oils are known to keep deer away from your hostas without being harmful. Garlic powder and cayenne powder can be powerful deterrents, and oils such as lavender, cinnamon, and cloves, or anything strong smelling, will often keep deer away as well.
  2. Get a pet! As we said earlier, deer are pretty skittish. Having other animals, especially dogs, consistently on your property is usually enough to train a deer to stay away.
  3. Know your smells. Deer are attracted to sweet, soft smells, so if having deer in your garden is a big problem, try using less fragrant hostas. You can often get the same beauty without the strong scent.

On the same note, scents can also work in your favor to keep deer away if you plant flowers with strong, powerful scents, as we mentioned earlier.

  1. Don’t feed the deer! Yes, we know they are pretty and gentle. Yes, feeding them yourself can help keep them away from your hostas. But deer are smart and have a great memory.

They are going to associate your house with food. When you aren’t there, they are going to look around until they find food. They will use their strong sense of smell to do this, and that will likely lead them right to your hostas.

So even if you want to be nice, you have to decide whether you want to feed the deer or protect your hostas more! Pick One and Get Started

These are only a few of the different ways you can protect your hostas from deer, but they are definitely the most recommended!

You can start small and get protecting your garden now, or you can think big and start a new DIY project. Whichever way you want to go, you are well on your way to a flourishing, deer-free garden full of beautiful hostas!