The 10 Best Hosta Plant Varieties to Shop For

The 10 Best Hosta Plant Varieties to Shop For

If you want a great, easy to care for perennial (meaning that it comes up every year) plant for your yard, then look no further than hostas. These plants are known for their pretty green leaves, as well as their colorful flowers. Plus, since there are many different kinds of hostas, you’ll have no issues finding one that matches the rest of the plants in your yard. Here are the ten best hosta plant varieties to shop for.

1) Patriot Hosta


The Patriot Hosta is one of the hosta varieties that produce flowers in a color other than white. These flowers are lavender in color, making them stand out against the green leaves that end up being bordered with white stripes as the growing season goes on.

2) Blue Angel Hosta

No hosta varieties list would be complete without the Blue Angel Hosta. Also known as the Awakening Angel Hosta, the flowers on this plant end up being lavender with darker purple tips. The leaves are an almost blue-green color, which is what gives this varietal its name.

3) Empress Wu Hosta

If you want a giant hosta, then this one needs to be on your list. The Empress Wu Hosta is one of those hostas types that grow to an enormous size – five feet tall, to be exact. On top of that, it can spread to be eight feet wide. Yes, the Empress Wu Hosta, with its pale lavender flowers, resembles a shrub of sorts. It will definitely stand out in your yard.

4) Gold Standard Hosta

White flowers appear during mid-summer and last throughout early fall on the Gold Standard Hosta. However, that isn’t the most impressive features on this flowering perennial. The leaves are where the name comes from. They start out green and as the season progresses, end up being a shining yellow-gold in the middle.

5) Royal Standard Hosta

There are some types of hostas plants that really stand out from the others. This is one of them. The white flowers on this beast of a plant (42 inches leaves with a 63-inch spread) have a very particular fragrance that you won’t find on the other varieties. It really is indeed a “royal standard” plant!

6) European Ginger Asarum Europaeum

Despite its inclusion on this list, the European Ginger Asarum Europaeum isn’t actually a type of hosta. Instead, it’s a solid companion plant that blends with all of the hostas that you want to plant, thanks to its dark green foliage. The leaves are glossy, and it can be used to create ground cover around your hostas. On top of that, it exudes a soothing ginger scent. Don’t mistake it for actual ginger – the spice – though. It can’t be used in that manner.

7) Rainforest Sunrise Hosta

There are some types of hosta plants that don’t grow as large as the others. If you want a hosta that absolutely won’t take over your yard, then look no further than the Rainforest Sunrise Hosta. This plant is fairly small (around 10 inches tall with a spread of 23 inches), which is amazing for a hosta. In addition to this, as the growing season goes by, its leaves begin to sprout golden centers that perfectly complement its pale purple flowers.

8) Sagae Hosta

The Sagae Hosta is a classic version, with dark green leaves that grow white edges and yellow accents. This one is so beautiful that you tend to forget that it will eventually grow flowers, just like other varieties of hosta. Speaking of the flowers, they are lavender colored and grow on stems that can reach up to four feet in height. The overall spread of this particular plant is around five feet wide. It certainly will stand out in your yard!

9) Whirlwind Hosta

This hosta gets its name from its twisting, waving leaves that look as though they’ve been caught in a whirlwind. The leaves themselves are quite pretty, as they start out a pale green and eventually end up as a bright yellow color as time goes by. While the leaves stand out quite a bit, they are no match for the flowers on this plant, which tend to be light purple in color and stand up on two-foot stalks.

10) Lemon-Lime Hosta

If you’re looking for a type of hosta that will blend in with the other plants in your yard, look no further than the Lemon-Lime Hosta. This is one of the smaller plants, reaching a total of ten inches tall with a tiny, (for a hosta) 15-inch spread. The flowers are a nice light purple with dark purple stripes, although the leaves, with their light green to pale yellow coloring (which give the plant its name), are something that no one can ignore.