Tilly’s Nest-Plant Whatever Brings You Joy

Tilly’s Nest-Plant Whatever Brings You Joy

No, Tilly’s nest doesn’t consist of tiny birds but tender plants! Over the years people have started growing affection for these immobile pieces of heaven just like any other pets. The kind of rejuvenating vibes we get from plants aren’t any less than what we get from our close preps, isn’t it?

Hence, gardening is one of the most fascinating and useful hobbies around the globe. This is some oldest habits of people around world which improves mental health and outlook of the people. It always keeps one active and reduces the stress level of the garden.

Gardening is an expression of maturity, because you have grown yourself to understand how other things grow. You have experiences of life with its ups and downs, its woes and its grief, and the garden is connected with that in a strange way. It’s also a mutant art form that could be paralleled with painting.

So, when it comes to gardening, how can hosta plants be forgotten.

What are Hosta Plants?

Looking for low maintenance plants? Here they are! The perennial hosta, sometimes called the plantain lily, is reliable and very easy to grow. It is long-lived and may even outlive the gardener.

These plants are spectacular and are primarily grown for their colourful foliage, texture and leaf size but their flowers play a major part in alluring people as well. Hosta plants are not actually shade loving, they are shade tolerant. It’s semantics, but the crucial detail is that they need more sun than we think. There are quite a number of varieties embedded in this whole spectrum of these bonny pets. Some of them may be enlisted as follows:

Blue Angel Hosta

Among the largest blue-leaved hostas, Blue Angel is an outstanding perennial forming a gracefully cascading mound of thick, heavily textured leaves leaving its spectators awestruck by its beauty. It’s electrifying blue foliage is heavily textured which makes it resistant to slugs when compared against other hostas.

They have an average height of 2 to 3 feet and attract beautiful birds creating a charismatic ambience for the owner. They bloom multiple bell-shaped flowers on a slender stem and dig a hole large enough to accommodate the roots without bending them.

Blue Mammoth Hosta

You don’t get the name “mammoth” by being small and retiring. This mounding hosta with moxie grows to 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide, and the heavily puckered, powder-blue leaves have a span of 12. Flower stalks rise to 4 feet and are topped with many pale lavender flowers.

A giant worth making room for. Strong flower stems, fragrant and attracts butterflies and bees. These forgiving plants are best divided in spring when the new leaves are still furled up, but both division and transplanting are successful throughout the season if attention is paid to thorough follow-up watering.

The main focus is put into its blissful mammoth leaves rather than the flowers. They are ideal when planted amid patches of spring-flowering bulbs, as their foliage will obscure the bulb foliage as it dies back.

Alex Summer Hosta

This is yet another prepossessing variety of these tiny spectrum of hosta ornamental plants. They are sun tolerant and exhibit the best colour with the morning sun exposure. The middle of the leaf is blue or green with wide chartreuse margins.

With half a day of sun exposure the margin will be bright gold. Its vase-shaped habit makes it ideal for under-planting with smaller hostas or other ground covers. This hosta has a tendency to revert to all gold. Remove the all gold divisions to help keep the variegation. It blooms in mid-July exhilarating a bonny look.

It is 32 inches tall and 64 inches wide giving it a broader look.

Climax Hosta

This fancy hosta is another kind of the same genus used for garnishing and relishing indoors. It isn’t too huge unlike others spreading around 4 feet with its height being 2 feet by 2 feet.

It can be kept in full shade for 4 to 6 hours and in part time shade for 0 to 4 hours. Hosta ‘Climax’ is a large sport of Hosta ‘High Noon’ with dark green leaves edged with a striking bright gold margin. The veins appear to guide the green centre into the gold margin. Interesting look to the attractive leaves.

Climax leaves exhibit nice corrugation and are of very good substance! Presents a more upright habit than most hostas with Lavender flowers in early summer.

Krossa Regal Hosta

Krossa Regal’ is a must for every garden. It displays an upright vase-shaped habit of frosty blue-green wavy leaves. It has lovely orchid coloured flowers on 5 scapes. They are ovate with a lobed base and small distinct tips. The petioles are almost vertical.

The leaves are leathery and held at a distinct angle. The plant is good to use with base plantings because of its upright habit. A good grower and one of the most common and distinctive hostas, it is considered one of the cornerstones of a hosta garden.

Its best-known sport is the cream-edged ‘Regal Splendour’.


It’s time to give a thought on growing these astounding plants and getting out of our mind, the stereotypical way of decorating our home. Plants also seek attention and revert the charismatic vibe upon our care and affection.

Along with these utterly beautiful and tidy plants, we get their dainty flowers which enliven their very presence. Hostas are an eco-friendly and tidy way of making our house look lively as well as beautiful and help us build up a bond with these immobile yet expressive “pets”.


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