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No chemicals are used in our fields. All weed control is done by hand, use of ground cover, and with thick layers of natural mulch.We have switched from a monoculture hosta nursery to a polyculture hosta and natives plant nursery, promoting a more balanced growing system and bringing in more birds and pollinators to our fields. Pest control is by way of beneficial insects, birds, and maintaining these biodiverse growing fields. Our hostas have large robust root systems and we separate roots instead of cutting through the crown whenever possible. Our hostas grow in their natural clumps in their beds and are separated into individual plants upon order fulfillment.

Sometimes you may receive more than one plant per order because of this processing. We hope you don’t mind!

Our Guarantee

Green Mountain Hosta guarantees that all of our varieties are free of virus and harmful nematodes (we test extensively). Your plants will arrive in the same healthy condition as when they were shipped. We also guarantee that all plants are true to name. Your satisfaction is important. Please notify our hosta farm immediately if there is any problem.