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Seasonal arrival appearance

NOTE: Upon Arrival – Please inspect & plan to plant within 24 hours

Early Spring orders: Bare roots with crowns, eyes/buds of mature plants, little to no foliage.

Late Spring orders: Bare roots with crowns and shoots of mature plants, quickly growing foliage.

Summer orders: Bare roots, full foliage – yellowing of leaves may occur due to transport this time of year. Simply remove these leaves when planting.

Fall orders: Bare roots (still growing), crowns, eyes, Foliage pruned to petioles for upcoming transplant & dormancy period.

Winter: Gift Certificates and pre-orders only – Hostas are dormant and without the winter root growth common in other perennials. Most hostas need 600-700 hours below 40 degrees F of cold dormancy, but they will emerge as stronger plants if their dormancy is extended beyond the minimum required. Sun tolerant varieties have shorter dormancy periods.

Soil & Site

Hostas tolerate pH ranges between 5.5 – 7.5, but thrive in the 6 – 6.5 range. They prefer well drained aerated soil that is full of organic material/humus. Fertilize annually around the clumps with aged manure or 5-10-5 fertilizer in Spring when the leaves unfurl. While some varieties are more tolerant of deep shade and sun than others, all hostas love dappled shade best.

Planting Steps

NOTE: If hot, plant later in the day/early evening

  1. Unpack and place plants in a cool, shaded area.
  2. Refresh roots with a quick soak while you prep the hole.
  3. Dig the hole twice the size of the roots, fluffing the soil & adding amendments for drainage as needed.
  4. Spread out the roots around and in the soil, and then cover up to the bottom of the crown.
  5. Press soil down firmly with hands or feet, mulch with leaves, bark, clippings, etc.
  6. Water thoroughly to help settle soil.


Water thoroughly and daily the first few weeks while they make themselves at home, and then as needed to keep soil moist. In Spring, as the new leaves emerge and expand, they love a bit more water to gain maximum size, but remember that drainage is important to prevent rot.


Protect from slugs starting in Spring. Bait, beer, or the wood plank method work well. Watch for moles and voles, especially If your plants aren’t emerging as expected – dig out and check for chewed roots. Trap or repel as needed. Protect your delicious deer buffet with barriers or your preferred repellent.


Plant in full to partial shade, spaced 6- 12” apart, depending on your density needs. Keep mulched and lightly watered. They enjoy the same soil and watering as hostas.

Our Guarantee

Green Mountain Hosta guarantees that all of our varieties are free of virus and harmful nematodes (we test extensively). Your plants will arrive in the same healthy condition as when they were shipped. We also guarantee that all plants are true to name. Your satisfaction is important. Please notify our hosta farm immediately if there is any problem.